The Packers are searching for that moment

Hey Insiders, I can’t recall seeing a game that was so all over the place in every facet. So many dropped passes, a defensive TD, inept penalties from both players and refs, a shuffled OL playing well, a normally calm coach losing it and a college trick play. Something has got to change for the better if we are going to get to the dance and help isn’t on the way, it seems.

It was one of the more bizarre, all-around games I’ve covered. I thought about that on the plane ride home and all the way until I went to bed. It’s a difficult game to make heads or tails of.

Morning Wes. I truly respect your expert and experienced opinions so I would like your thoughts on the drops. Is it a lack of execution? Lack of fundamentals? Loss of concentration? They are drive-killers and really should not be happening to this extent. Thanks.

It’s mental. There’s a reason receivers make these phenomenal catches but then Mike Evans drops an “easy” deep ball while having 10 yards of separation. Aaron Jones touched on drops after the game, too. It’s that instantaneous feeling of a receiver knowing, “OK, I have the catch” and allowing your eyes to look up field before securing the ball. Like Spoff said, it comes down to basic execution.

Patrick from Folly Beach, SC

Of course, David Bakhtiari is our best LT when healthy. Yet I thought that Zach Tom and the reshuffled line did well against a tough front. Do you see something like that happening again? Perhaps Tom becoming the backup at LT and the line remains the same as it was against Washington?

Tom deserves a lot of credit. It’s not easy to come to the stadium and be told you’ll be making your first NFL start as the blindside protector for a future Hall of Fame quarterback. He was up to the challenge. The Packers gave Tom some help, but the rookie also made some good one-on-one blocks. Green Bay doesn’t want to keep shuffling the O-line if it doesn’t have to. I’d expect this is the direction Green Bay will continue to move in, with Tom spelling Bakhtiari at left tackle.

Twelve rushing attempts for Green Bay versus 38 rushing attempts for Washington. You would feel like the Packers should be a “control the ball” type of squad right now. Blocking up front has been shaky, but the guy behind them is still a slasher with the ball in his hands.

It wasn’t enough but that number also was skewed by how many times the statisticians in Washington ruled a toss/pitch to Jones as a pass play. That’s how he wound up with a career-high nine receptions.

Christopher from Gallatin, TN

As my dad used to say, “If they (DBs) could catch, they’d be playing WR,” but I feel like our secondary is going to want extra time with the JUGS machine this week. So many missed opportunities in a strong defensive half.

As much as the offense struggled, the dropped INTs (and Rasul Douglas‘ fumble recovery for a touchdown getting called back) were the most difficult part of Sunday’s loss. Because any of those plays could have been that play, a dagger play. It not only might have been enough to singlehandedly beat Washington but also could’ve been the fuel injection the Packers’ offense needed to get into rhythm. All three phases have been inconsistent, and the results reflect that.

I’m sure there’s lots of negativity, so I’ll bring some genuine positivity. 1) Kingsley Enagbare looks like he is ascending fast and figuring it out…which will be important if Rashan Gary is out. 2) Preston Smith is playing at a very high level, which is getting lost with the team underperforming. 3) The O-line looked pretty solid against a very strong Wash front. This team isn’t what we thought they were, but there is reason to see some hope. Maybe. What positives did you take away?

Aaron Jones can still make plays even when all eyes are on him. Pro Football Focus had him down for six forced missed tackles on eight carries in Washington.

Hello gentlemen. Perspective is interesting. Having attended nine funerals and delivering two eulogies over the last three years I feel more like an observer than the engaged fanatic I once conspicuously was. That said, in the research of personality profiles of exceptional athletes, they’ve found two universal traits – confidence and positivity. Short-term confidence can waver a tad with performance and outcome, but positivity mustn’t. Do you sense any wavering in the psyche of this group?

I don’t, especially after being in the locker room on Monday. I think AJ Dillon termed it “relentless positivity.” Jon Runyan wasn’t as bombastic but extremely steady and level-headed about where the Packers are. Yes, Green Bay is off the pace in this marathon, but we still have a lot of miles to go in this 17-game race.

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