Packers’ Jaire Alexander Took A Big Shot At Bears Fans

The Green Bay Packers act like a team that is above everybody else. That seems to come with having made the playoffs almost every year since the early 1990s—the perks of scoring back-to-back Hall of Fame quarterbacks. However, such arrogance hasn’t served them too well for over a decade now, considering they haven’t even reached a Super Bowl since 2010. As a result, they’re forced to take solace in their smaller victories. Take Jaire Alexander, for example.

The Packers’ Pro Bowl cornerback was upset after his team’s ugly Week 1 loss in Minnesota. It stung extra that wide receiver Justin Jefferson humbled him and the secondary for 184 yards. So coming into this week against the Chicago Bears, he’s already assuming victory. Not only does he anticipate a shutout by his defense, but he also didn’t mind firing a shot at Bears fans over their misery the past several years.

Jaire Alexander doesn’t mind twisting the knife.

It isn’t a surprise he would. Players operating from a position of strength always feel comfortable talking trash. Cornerbacks, in general, are known for being arrogant and outspoken. A comment like that is hardly surprising. That said, he would be wise not to dismiss the Bears as no challenge. Alexander benefitted from Chicago having below-average coaching for the past several years with the likes of Matt Nagy, John Fox, and Marc Trestman. It appears those winds have shifted with the arrival of Matt Eberflus.

Green Bay may still win the game, but they shouldn’t expect it to be a cakewalk like in previous years. This Bears team will be ready to play. They’ll be fast, physical, and disciplined. Jaire Alexander should also be careful not to overlook their offense. It is coached by Luke Getsy, somebody who knows the Packers’ defense well.

Bears fans understand what Alexander says is true. That doesn’t mean they have to sit back and take it. They have every right to feel upset. Hopefully, their team will take that disrespect and channel it into a complete effort on Sunday night.

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