Bears QB Justin Fields is spectacular, unpredictable and can get even better

Watching the Bears lose to the Dolphins 35-32 raises this question: In today’s NFL, can you have a passing game that wins games but does not produce significant yards?

The Bears rank last in the league in passing yards, averaging 125.7 per game. This week, with 116 passing yards, they had the fourth fewest in the league in any game.

But they are scoring points — enough points to win games.

Here are my other postgame thoughts:

• The spectacular Justin Fields makes something out of nothing as well as anyone in football. In that regard, he is in a class with Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

• As a runner, Fields has instincts that cannot be coached and probably cannot be defended.

• Fields is so challenging to contain partly because he’s so unpredictable. Defenders have no idea if he will throw or run, or how or where he’ll run.

• One of the best things Fields is doing is avoiding turnovers. He had none Sunday and has a streak of three straight games without an interception or fumble.

• Imagine what kind of impact Fields could have if he became an above-average passer.



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• Luke Getsy’s performances in recent weeks have been no less impressive than Fields’ performances. He’s taking advantage of what Fields does best, minimizing what Fields struggles with and covering up for what the rest of the offense cannot do.

• Here’s what was easy to miss Sunday: the Dolphins stuffed most of the Bears’ runs that involved handoffs. Without Fields’ rushing yards, the Bears averaged 2.9 yards per rush.

• For a change, the offensive line was better on pass plays than run plays. Fields had his best protection of the season Sunday. He was sacked twice and pressured twice, but the Dolphins had no hurries or hits. Having guard Cody Whitehair back helped.

• If tight end Cole Kmet had played on a team that could have taken advantage of his skills the last two years, the narrative on him coming into this season would have been entirely different. He could be a Pro Bowler on some teams.

• There is no reason why running back David Montgomery — a superior blocker — can not play left wing instead of Khali Herbert on the punt team.



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• Four of the Bears’ top five tacklers were defensive backs, which underscores the significant issues in the front seven.

• If the Bears are all about next year and beyond, shouldn’t Velus Jones Jr. be in uniform?

• Most 3-6 teams and their fans are looking for people to blame. The Bears and their fans are looking for people to congratulate. Chicago has never seen a season quite like this one.

(Photo: Quinn Harris / Getty Images)

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